Our Podcasts



An award-winning podcast about creative people and their lives. Each week our host Craig Parkinson sits down for a chat with an actor, musician, artist, writer, chef, DJ or other creative soul to discuss what makes them tick.


The Popular Front podcast focuses on the niche details of modern warfare and under-reported conflict.

If you want to know how suicide car bombs are built, which paramilitary factions are operating where, or what volunteer militias are fighting for, this podcast is for you. 


The official accompanying podcast to Sky's hit comedy 'Brassic'. The podcast is for those of you who want a nosy behind the scenes and a chat with the absolute bunch of legends that create the show we all love. Expect insights, laughs and some well-spun tales.


International colorist and balayage artist Jack Howard hosts a podcast about commercial hair color. Featuring interviews and expert opinion from the biggest and best names in the business. Now a video podcast on youtube.


GIANT is a Spotify Originals podcast by Mundial Magazine bringing you football stories that matter. It's a documentary series that takes you deep into the stories you might know, you think you know, or you definitely should know.


Aurelia is an independent publication, uplifting the first-person stories and opinions of marginalised genders.

The podcast is hosted by Kya Buller and Amelia Ellis; expect honesty, reflection and a lot of laughter as we get to know ourselves and our guests in a lot of detail.

Podcasts Live

Podcasts are hitting the stage at venues big and small and playing to sell out crowds. At Splicing Block we're specialists in live podcasts; production, recording, editing, booking, we've done it all for some of the biggest in the business. See the gallery below for some of the illustrious names we've helped to connect to their fans in the live arena...


We're always up for production on other podcasts. From editing and mixing to recording tape syncs, providing equipment and training, we love to get involved with every aspect of podcast production. See the gallery below for a few of the clients we've worked for...