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My name is Thomas and I run Splicing Block. I like podcasts, music and climbing.

I started the company in 2016, having recorded, edited, produced, and composed jingles for podcasts with friends and associates over the preceding few years. I spend an innordinate number of hours a day listening to podcasts and to be able to help people bring more of them into existence is a massive buzz for me.

My background is in music and sound. I've got a degree in music from Liverpool University, I teach children music and sound recording and I play and record music with a number of different bands and artists.

Thomas Griffin

Founder of Splicing Block podcast and audio production.


At Splicing Block, we can help you with every and any element of making a podcast. If you don't know your XLR cables from your RSS feeds or your condensor mics from your podcast analytics we can see you through every step of the way. 

We offer a professional editing service to suit your every need. We can take your raw audio .wav or .mp3 files, rearrange them, take out the 'umms' and 'ahhs' and polish them up to broadcast quality using professional mixing and mastering tools and expertise. To hear some examples, click through here or listen in the player below.

We offer a background music and jingle composition service to give your podcast or business a sonic identity. With an array of instruments and musical knowhow at our disposal, we can create made-to-measure musical accompanyment to go along with your words. To hear some examples, click through here or listen in the player below.

We offer a fully-mobile recording service to bring the studio to you. We have a large array of high-quality microphones and the wherewithal to record with them in any location. Our equipment is always well-maintained and reliable, meaning all you have to worry about is creating amazing content.


In the past couple of years we've worked with a variety of people from different disciplines and backgrounds. They've all offered different challenges and opportunities to test our podcasting mettle.

  • We've been fascinated by the good people at Accenture IT consultancy, recording a series of podcasts on technology and computing.
  • We've been enthralled by Craig Parkinson and his fantastic thespian guests whilst producing the award winning Two Shot Podcast.
  • We've recorded the legends of Rugby League whilst producing the Can't Speak! Podcast
  • We've enjoyed working with NHS shared business services to create an exciting podcast series on digital disruption'.
  • We've highlighted the important issues of the fashion industry with our Video Podcast Sweet Truth
  • We've brought the important voices of Aurelia Magazine to the podcast world with their own podcast
  • We've worked with YOLK to create their Feed Fight podcast.
  • We've been energised by Craig Wilkinson on his Elite Business Academy Podcast
  • We've had a laugh recording the ill-fated 'Power Hour' podcast with television's own, Joseph Gilgun.
  • We've been educated by Simpson Millar LLP whilst creating an advice series for their education law team.
  • We've worked with DICE and Fearne Cotton to record her first live edition of the Happy Place podcast with Maisie Wiliams from 'Game of Thrones' and musician James Bay.
  • We've worked with Jack Howard to make his Everyday Hair Colorist podcast a reality.
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