Podcasts For Business


We've worked with some of the biggest and best to help fulfil their podcasting needs.

Whether you want a cost-effective way to get information out to staff, clients and customers, or a branded podcast to help your business grow and reach your next milestone, Splicing Block can help you.

Podcasts are more popular now than ever and are continuing to gain traction with forward-thinking people and businesses around the world.

Getting staff to read emails and documents which often contain vital data can be an uphill battle. Podcasts can be a dynamic and engaging way to share the information you need to get to your staff.

They are relatively quick to make and more cost-effective than many other forms of digital media.

We've worked with top IT consultancy firms, business service providers and law firms to help them reach their employees and get messages to the people they needed to influence.

Branded Podcasts

Your Business can benefit from being associated with a podcast that people love and trust.

  • Many major brands and business such as eBay, General Electric and Netflix have branded podcasts.
  • It's relatively cheap to make compared to video content.
  • The intimacy of the podcast listening experience really helps you connect with your customer.
  • If you're looking to get your brand or business noticed around the globe, podcasts are the perfect way to reach a global audience.
  • Have a look at this great article to see if a branded podcast is right for you.

Splicing Block's helping hand.

Here at Splicing Block, we've created podcasts on subjects as diverse as rugby league, blockchain, drama schools, DevOps and digital disruption. We can advise on what content will work in a podcast format and what might not. Whether your business has a fully-formed podcast concept ready to be recorded and produced to a glisteningly high standard or whether you need a guiding hand to get your podcast ideas off the ground, we'd love to hear from you to see how we could help.

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